Wake UP!

Termite (Pest) Control is an inescapable toxin in this world.  Every new home is required to apply termite protection in order to pass the building code inspection.  This danger does not dissipate over time without taking specific steps. International Code now allows safer solutions to this problem that do not involve residual chemical applications!

Pesticides in general are insidious, virtually every commercial and most residential buildings have a monthly treatment applied at least to the outside of the building.  The chemical is drawn in through weep holes in the walls, crawl spaces, window and door jambs.  One way to prevent this poison from being in your world 24/7 is to eliminate it from your home.  Instead tighten up your existing home and keep the moisture out of the structure and indoor air, that is what termites and other bugs are after- moisture.  Stop the moisture and you stop the problem. 

If you are building a new home, use what I call longsuffering exterior materials that are natural in origin but are able to withstand and wick away moisture and naturally deter pests.  For example, concrete block, fiber cement siding and authentic stucco.  These are all pest deterent materials as apposed to wood or any type of synthetic or natural material that attracts or soaks in moisture.

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